Deliver food hampers to families in need

Organization C5 Hub

Our friends at Terra Centre are looking for drivers to help with weekly food delivery to families in need.

Terra is part of the C5 Hub, a collaboration of agencies that serve northeast Edmonton. C5’s pantry program provides hampers to 700 families.

That takes a lot of drivers! So, Terra is looking for regulars like Joe and Maureen, pictured above, who can make deliveries every Tuesday afternoon. But they also need backup volunteers who can fill in every once in a while on short notice.

Drivers pick up from a depot on Victoria Trail and go to between seven and 10 addresses, grouped as closely together as possible. They’re asked to allot three hours, but often it takes half that time.

Drivers must obey all COVID-19 guidelines, be able to lift a couple of full grocery bags at a time, and have their own vehicle and a mobile phone.

Click on the red button to sign up and we’ll get you on the road as soon as possible. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register for yegSpark first.

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